Some Hugo based blogs I came across and used for references.

To build my blog, I used the Hugo Quick Start guide to get started. Once I got it up, I had to do research to enable features, to deploy it using Netlify and to troubleshoot whenever I got stuck or couldn’t get something to work exactly as I wanted. I came across various types of Hugo based blogs which I used for references to figure out how people had designed their websites and how I could emulate similar functionality on my website. Specifically, I would search for their repositories to see the code and configuration that powered these websites.

I wanted to compile these various resources into one place for future references.

Hugo blogs

Below are some Hugo blogs and their corresponding repositories:

JerriePelserSite 1Repo 1
RebeccaBarterSite 2Repo 2
YihuiSite 3Repo 3
JakeWieslerSite 4Repo 4
RobinForestSite 5Repo 5
YueyvettehaoSite 6Repo 6
ZentechnistaSite 7Repo 7
GoheroeSite 8Repo 8
AlfredLinSite 9Repo 9
RagasirtahkSite 10Repo 10

Interesting sites

Interesting sites which I was unable to locate their repos: