Hello World!

Welcome to my blog :)

Who am I?

I am an experienced Software Engineer currently remotely working for a Financial Technology company on the operations side of its Data Analytics business.

I spend my days making sure stuff in production works. This entails building monitoring tools, capturing system and application data for data analysis, working with other teams to ensure smooth deployments, responding to failures, etc.

I spend my evenings learning and exploring Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and building data products and intelligent applications.

Why start this blog?

Since starting my career in Software Development, I have learned a lot of technical and non-technical concepts. Reflecting on these learnings, I realized the need to document them.

Outside of work, I enjoy learning about other Software Development topics, enroll in various MOOCs, and work on projects. As part of this, I experimented with different methods of documenting my learnings: attempting a #100DaysOfCode challenge focused on coding abilities and logging progress via git, creating course specific repositories to host notes and collect various learning resources.

In late 2018, I became involved with the Vancouver School of AI meetup and started creating content, presentations and demo apps to share with the community.

All this led me to establish a central place to house my learnings along with interesting articles and resources I come across.

My plan for this blog is to document my current technical journey into AI and share my learnings with you :)

I use Hugo to build my blog and Netlify to host it.

You can read about how I build this site.